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I wanted to create a peice illustrating what it would look like when a computer processes information in digital space, something akin to AR or metaverse interfaces.  

First I started with simple shapes I made in Adobe Illustrator and had in mind that these small peices would be used together to build what would be an open browser window but futuristic looking 

I also created simple animations of a pie chat, line graph, and other little assets in After Effects to give the browser window some life as if it's calculating in real time.  

I also brought in videos I had of New York, basically anything to populate the browser windows and make them look lively 

Along with the above and other assets I animated the indidivual windows in After Effects  

from here I brought all the windows together, duplicated them, arranged them in a tower formation and rotated them as shown.  


I recycled some of the the circular shapes and moved them up and down to add to the complexity. 

I also thought it would be cool to add lines of code moving up amongst the browser windows as a finishing touch.  

Finally, add some dynamic camera moves, a background and I was able to call this project done!  

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