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lime soda.gif

For this project, I was inspired by how playful and lively sports drink and soda commercials are.  Furthermore, they don't sell their product, they sell a feeling, and they imply that buying their drink will provide you the consumer, that feeling.  With that in mind, I thought I might give that a try with my own fake soda brand, "Lime Soda"

I started with designing a logo that feels "summery" and bright.  Eventually I came up with this logo I completed in Adobe Illustrator  

I then moved on to planning a storybaord of the ad along with leaving myself notes as to how I would execute certain parts technically.  

I wanted to incorporate my 2D animation experience with 3D using Cinema 4D.  Given that C4D works well with After Effects, I was excited to see how combining these two styles would turn out!

First I started with the 2D animation portion, which I did in TVPaint.  Once this phase was complete, I would then be importing the layers into After Effects.    




I combined all these 2D layers in AE and added the sun with rotating rays.  

Now that the 2D aspect was completed it was time to move on to the 3D phase of the project.  

if you look carefully, when the fluid overtakes the whole frame, I added bubbles using the particle world effect.  

I jumped on to Cinema 4D and added a 3D can, with a texture I added in from Photoshop.  

The 2D layers were all nested into one layer (pre-comp) which had a warble effect aded, then the 3D can's transparency was animated to create the effect shown. 


The infinite background was created in Cinema 4D.    

warble transition.gif

This transition was already conceptualized in the storyboard phase.

Finally, I brought in an animated version of the logo, added a catch phrase, and used the particle world effect from before to add the bubbles to the rotating can.

logo reveal.gif
animated logo.gif
its sublime.gif

Having been the first time I employed my 2D and 3D knowledge, this project opened my eyes to the level of creativity I can exercise when combining these two animation techniques.  

lime soda.gif
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